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The Lost and Found…and beyond

And finally! We've set a release date for our newest LP: October 7, titled, "The Lost and Found". It's just been sitting around longer than we'd like to admit, but better late than never. The songs that didn't/couldn't make it on this one will just be saved for the next!

Speaking of, as we approach the end of the year, we'll be venturing more back into production music. We've mostly been focusing on film scoring and it's been a blast! We've gained some great experience and have met some wonderful and talented people along the way, many of which we hope to continue working with in the future! But as this upcoming tranche of short films comes up and is ultimately completed, we've decided to take a break from the film scoring (excluding longer term projects we've committed to) and refocus on writing music. We have somewhat of a backlog of vocal songs and instrumental pieces; enough to make an EP of each. We've made some good connections and contacts and it would be great to foster those relationships and get them as much quality material as possible as we strive to get where we want to be.

There's been so much we've learned in the world of production music and it's a lot of hard work. Granted, you can't really consider it work when it's something you enjoy this much. But still, it's a lot 😅 Looking forward to the new music writing adventures that await!

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2 commentaires

30 sept. 2022

I truly love your music, I may want to apply for a position as rythm guitarist, (just Kidding). I especially love your song / video " Nothing Left to Give," and cant wait hear your new album.


M Little
M Little
30 sept. 2022

We've been enjoying your music so far, and can't wait to hear what's coming next month. Congratulations on your latest achievement and thank your for sharing your remarkable gifts with us.❤️

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